Royalty Free climbing trekking peaks in Nepal

As  per  the  decision  of  Ministry  of  Culture,  Tourism  and Civil Aviation,  mountains of the height less than 5800m will be promoted as trekking peaks and royalty fee has been waived for those peaks. Hence, the  following  peaks  managed by […]

09 Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse From Kala Pattar

Among top ten mountains in the world

Mount Everest Mount Everest is the world’s highest peak in the world that lies at 8,848m (29,029ft) above sea level. Mount Everest is known as Sagarmatha in Nepal and Komolungma in Tibet. The two legend Sir Edmund Hillary from New […]


Unlicensed guides to be barred from trekking areas from Jan

Trekking Agencies´ Association of Nepal (TAAN) and different unions of trekking workers have agreed to bar unlicensed trekking guides from leading groups from January 2015. Kul Bahadur Gurung, second vice president of TAAN, said the decision was taken with the […]

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What to be expecting on a trek to everest base camp in nepal ?

Even though our finest endeavor to arrange group for their trekking trip, there will always be a sense of ambiguity and unanswered queries and expectation. Just Looking through guide books, blogs and other related expose cannot prepare you for the prospect, […]


How to trek to Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest has captivated intrepid men and women since the 1920s. The exploits of legends such as George Mallory, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay put the mighty mountain on the map; thousands have followed, making huge sacrifices – many […]


More Than 20 Dead, Dozens Remain Missing as Blizzards Batter Himalayas

Nepal Avalanche

Four Canadians, three Israelis reportedly among the deceased, authorities still searching for some 85 missing persons

Reuters reported that the Nepalis killed were a group of yak herders and that the search for hikers, which was called off Wednesday night local time owing to bad light and weather, resumed on Thursday morning. “One army helicopter has already left for the site and more helicopters will be pressed into service later,” said Mustang district Governor Baburam Bhandari.

This week’s disaster, which took place during Nepal’s peak trekking season, marks a bad year for the country’s tourism industry. Several Sherpa guides lost their lives in an avalanche at the base of Mount Everest in April, the worst accident in the history of the world’s tallest mountain. CNN reports that many Sherpas refused to go back up Everest after the incident, and as many as six trekking companies canceled their 2014 expeditions.

Kathmandu-based Adventure Mountain Explore Treks and Expedition are still heading out while exercising a great deal of caution and restraint in all situations.

Tika Regmi, who heads the company’s trekking and mountaineering department, says all his guides are advised to stay put during a natural disaster, or immediately descent if safe. “But some guides and Sherpas feel they need to listen to the customers’ wishes,” he tells TIME. According to Regmi, there are foreign trekkers who feel getting their money’s worth is most important and will press on despite adverse conditions. “But no amount of money is more valuable than their lives,” he says.

Three Adventure Mountain guides are currently at a guesthouse with their clients, and Regmi says it was their reading of the situation that saved their lives. Another company, whom he did not wish to name, pressed on and now has several groups missing. “It’s a natural disaster so no one can control,” he says. “We can only control our people and our guides.”

Regmi has already started receiving emails with requests for cancellations. He says the danger should pass within a week as the weather improves, but does worry about the long-term impact of these incidents.

“I’m sure it’s not a good message for people who are coming from all over the world,” he says.

source: Time

Trekkers escape a heavy blizzard generate by the tail end of Cyclone Hudhud.


Unseasonal blizzard and avalanche triggered by the remnants of Cyclone Hudhud has taken the life of at least 17 hikers, leaving over 100 trekkers still stranded in the Himalaya range of Central Nepal. Especially, the groups trekking the Annapurna Circuit and Dhaulagiri have been highly affected by the snowstorm. Rescue operations are effectively underway as the cyclone has now headed towards China, leaving the land of Nepal.

However, the groups heading the Annapurna pass, guided by the leaders and guides of Adventure Mountain Treks and Expedition are reported to be safe. According to the recent communication with one of the guides, the trekkers heading towards the pass were immediately brought down as soon as they got the news about the weather, but it was a close call. This is one of the best decisions anyone could have made, rather than risking the lives in such a situation. This role played by the leaders in an attempt to keep the guests safe from the possible hazard is highly appreciated.

Despite this blizzard in the Annapurna region, the Everest Base Camp (roughly 200miles from Annapurna circuit) and the Annapurna Base Camp, in the Annapurna region itself, remain unaffected by the extreme weather condition. Hudhud has now headed towards the north in China. The routes are still safe and pose no threat to the lives of the trekkers. Therefore, hikers continuing towards these two destinations can still continue their trek.  For those, who have fixed their departure date in the near future to these destinations needn’t cancel their trip as both, the weather and the trail are still very much supportive in these areas of Nepal.

From Wednesday, the weather seems quite promising, which has brought the lost smile, hope and enthusiasm back in the trekkers’ life.

Royalty Free climbing trekking peaks in Nepal

As  per  the  decision  of  Ministry  of  Culture,  Tourism  and Civil Aviation,  mountains of the height less than 5800m will be promoted as trekking peaks and royalty fee has been waived for those peaks. Hence, the  following  peaks  managed by NMA are free of royalty fee from now onwards.

Tent Peak (5663m)
Mardi Himal (5587m)
Yala Peak (5732 m)
Chukung ri (5550 m)


Indra Jatra clebrated


People across the country observed the second day of Indra Jatra as per the established rituals. On this occasion a huge crowed of people were gathered to see living goddess Kumari while chariot carrying her was being pulled infront of Gaddhi Baithak during the Indra Jatra festival at Basantapur on Monday. Dr. Ram Baran Yadav the president of Nepal was there at Basantapur to observe the festival on Monday.